NFA Registration

Our professionals have extensive experience with National Futures Association (NFA) registration and compliance.  Our goal is to not only to obtain the your NFA registration, but to also make sure you have the knowledge and compliance tools necessary to successfully circumnavigate the regulatory environment.  Thus, educating our clients so as to allow them to make better decisions about their proposed business and its operations is a key aspect of our services.  As such, our registration services includes counseling senior management on the alternatives available so as to allow them to maximize the scope of their business while working to minimize the time and resources needed during the registration period.

We also provide on-going operational and compliance support, which allows you to efficiently address your regulatory and operational needs, while focusing on revenue generation.

Included in our full NFA registration platform, we:

  • Prepare and file all required documents to register your firm with the NFA.
  • Co-ordinate and respond to all questions from the NFA regarding the respective registration.
  • Provide training on the handling of regulatory filings.